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Society News

Are you interested in receiving the Bulletin by email INSTEAD of by ‘snail mail’?  If so, please email Jim Gomes at jim.gomes@att.net.  When I receive your email, I will no longer send a copy through the mail, but send a copy directly to your email address.  That way you will have fewer papers to throw away.

Membership Message


Please Welcome new member
VictoriaTroya, Olga Ribardo & Wally Wolff.

We had 32 members  in attendance at the March meeting.


Speaking Topics/Panels/ Etc.

 Are you are interested in hearing a certain topic, speaker, open forums, demos, etc.

Please notify Jim Gomes at the meeting or send him an email at jim.gomes@att.net.

June Auction

Our June Auction will be on June 21st. We would like encourage members to start dividing their plants, so they may donate some of their divisions. Remember, our auction is our only fund raiser, so we may acquire speakers, pay rent, supplies, etc.  We would like to thank each of you in advance for your support.



I hope everyone enjoyed Peter Lin’s program on Neofenitia and its hybrid’s. Peter is a great speaker and we are always glad to have him.

A few of us attended Art Mendoza’s open house, and as always Art and Aurora were very gracious hosts. Its hard to leave with out finding something you just can not resist and we all did.
We also made the trip down to the San Diego show last weekend. It was a very nice show, saw many nice display’s and some really nice plants.

Jim Gomes has an interesting program for us this month, hope to see you all there.

Greg Orozco

                        March Pictures



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Leaftip Burn - AOS


I’ve noticed the tips of the leaves of some of my orchids are brown, and guessed it was due to over-fertilizing. This morning, I discovered two small (not tiny) brown spots on a dendrobium leaf. The cane has at least seven to eight leaves, and the spotted one is top-most. By looking at the back of the leaf, I found the center of the brown spots became thinner than the leaf. Are the spots an indication of sunburn or fungus? I have the orchid at an east window, so it shouldn’t be receiving too much sun. — Elizabeth Hsu


The leaf-tip burn you describe is not unusual in orchids grown in the home or under very dry conditions, nor is it necessarily indicative of over-fertilizing, but rather of salt-related damage. This occurs when the salt concentration in the soil solution reaches a certain critical point, either through accumulation by over-dry conditions, or by the excess application of fertilizer. Keeping the plants more evenly moist, and flushing thoroughly with clean water can also help to reduce this sort of injury to orchids. I doubt that the symptom you describe on the top leaf is fungus, and even if it is, it sounds like a type that is the result of a secondary infection that is rarely more than a cosmetic problem. Unusually cold water can bruise the softer tissue of a developing leaf, making it susceptible to infection in the same way that a cut on your hand is liable to be infected. The infection usually stops on its own, leaving the type of lesion you describe. — Ned Nash

Epsom Salts - AOS


I have recently learned that Epsom salts work well for getting phalaenopsis to bloom. My questions are:

Does this work for all orchids? If not, which ones should get it, which ones definitely should not get it? How often do I apply Epsom salts? I've read everything from monthly to twice a year. How much do I apply? What does the Epsom salts do? Is magnesium not sufficiently present in fertilizer? So why is the boost from salts particularly important? — Tania Self



You will not read much on this topic in regard to orchids for there has been little research done. As so often is the case, the myths and misinformation get spread widely, often by people selling something. However, this much is true: Magnesium is an essential element in orchid nutrition. In Europe, fertilizer formulas are often expressed as N-P-K-Mg, indicating that it is considered as a macroelement rather than a micronutrient. It can be made available to orchids in many forms. Potting mixes will often contain dolomitic lime for a slow-release source. Growers either top-dress with magnesium sulphate in the spring or they apply it dissolved in water in the autumn as a stand-alone application at 1tbs per gallon. Sophisticated growers will usually add magnesium in a chelated form to their liquid-fertilizer solutions. Plant need can be gauged by tissue analysis but this is probably more complex than most hobby growers can be bothered with.

Magnesium is critical to the flower-initiation process in orchids. Instances of disappointing flower production in Cymbidium, for example, have been linked to low levels of magnesium in plant tissue. The recent work with 
you have read supports previous studies on Cymbidium and it is reasonable to presume that magnesium is a macroelement for most orchid genera. — Andy Easton 

Monthly Ribbon Judging

You may have a new plant (less than 6 months) that has produced beautiful blooms that you would like to share with the other SGVOH members.  You may bring it and display it on our NEW ARRIVALS table.  It will not be judged, but you will receive a raffle ticket. 
Any member who has grown their plants longer than 6 months may exhibit and participate in the ribbon judging contest.

Want to learn more about orchids?  Why not participate in the judging?  You may pair up with another member and become a judge for the evening.   It is a great learning experience and an opportunity to get to know another member.  Try it and share the fun. 

Ribbon Chair
Linda Peterson

Members Plants

 Our members work very hard watering, fertilizing, and making sure their plants are bug free so we can view them at each meeting. Please do not touch or rub the plant leaves or flowers.  Be courteous, treat other peoples plants like you would like them to treat yours.

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Membership Badges

Members may purchase a personally engraved SGVOH name badge for $15.00 each.
You may purchase them at any of our regular meetings.
Please contact:
Membership Chair, Dann Dunst

Members wearing their name tag at our regular meeting can obtain a special ticket for that evening’s Plant Opportunity Table.

AOS Monthly Checklist
Click on Monthly Checklist below to see what to do each month. Very Informative!

Monthly Checklist

Insects? Other orchid questions?  Go to the AOS website: www.aos.org or
go directly to their videos: 
Click Here for the Videos Below


•Boisduval Scale

•Divide or Repot?

•Keikis & Air Roots

•Leaftip Dieback

•Potting a Keiki

•Recognizing Mite Damage

•Recognizing Virus Symptoms, part 1

•Removing a Damaged Leaf


•Removing a Keiki

•Repotting a Cattleya

•Repotting a Healthy Orchid

•Repotting an Unhealthy Orchid

•Root Loss

•Selecting an Orchid

•Watering Orchids

•When to Repot?

•Where to Cut a Phalaenopsis Spike

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Are you interested in receiving the Bulletin by email INSTEAD of by ‘snail mail’?  If so, please email Jim Gomes at jim.gomes@att.net.  When I receive your email, I will no longer send a copy through the mail, but send a copy directly to your email address.  That way you will have fewer papers to throw away.

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There are other resources for information on orchids other than SGVOH and the Society Library.  Check these out: 

SGVOH has been a member of the American Orchid Society for a number of years, and discovered that they have much information on-line about growing orchids, including all the articles from past Orchid Magazines!!!  If you are a member, you can simply type in the topic that you wish information about (like pests, or brassia) and the list of articles will pop up – no need to go rummaging through your back issues trying to find out where in the world that great article went! 

If you have a DSL web connection and an AOS membership, you are set to discover answers to those orchid questions that have been bothering you.

Enjoy having some refreshments?   Bring some and receive a free ticket for a special drawing for the first plant from the POT.  The goodies you bring do not have to be sweet! 


We can all help with the clean-up after the meeting!

Did you know. . . ? You can check out a listing of the Society’s extensive Library of reference books, magazines, and videos on pages 16-22 of our Roster.  The best time to check out materials is before the main meeting begins at 8 PM.

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