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Orchid Hobbyists, Inc.





Past Programs

March 2018   Program: Peter Lin: Neofinetia and Their Hybrids
February 2018   Program: Fred Clarke: Today’s Mini and Compact Cattleyas
January 2018   Program: David Toyoshima: Cattleya's from Postwar to 1970
December 2017   Open Forum: Questions & Answers
November 2017   Annual Awards Banquet
October 2017   Program: AOS Webinar : The Cattleya Alliances in Mexico
September 2017   Program: AOS Webinar : Orchids of Mexico
August 2017   Program: Linden Burzell : Cattleya trianae
July 2017   Program: Peter Lin: Brassavolas & Their Hybrids
June 2017   Program: Annual Auction
May 2017   Program: Webinar: Demystifying Dendrobiums
April 2017   Program: Carol Beule: Tokyo Dome Show
March 2017   Program: Open Forum: Questions & Answers
February 2017   Program: Fred Clarke: Bulbophyllums
January 2017   Program: Winn Winmaw: Orchids of Burma
December 2016   Program: David Campen & Jim Gomes: Virus Testing
November 2016   Annual Awards Banquet
October 2016   Huntington International Show & Sale
September 2016   Program: Tim Culbertson - Miniature Vandaceous Orchids
August 2016   Program: Peter Tobias - Preserving and Seeing Orchids in South America
July 2016   Program: Curtis Gean - The lengths That We Grow
June 2016   Program: Phyllis Prestia - Orchids of Madagascar
May 2016   Program: Annual Auction
April 2016   Program: Norito Hasegawa-Multi-Floral Paphiopedilums
March 2016   Program: Peter Lin- Laelias
February 2016   Program: Fred Clarke - Aussie Dendrobiums
January 2016   Program: George Hatfield - Cymbidiums
December 2015   Program: Greg Orozco - Corsage Demonstration
November 2015   Annual Awards Pot Luck
October 2015   The Huntington's 1st Orchid Show & Sale
September 2015   Program: Harry Phillips - Mounted Orchids; Facts & Fantasy
August 2015   Program: Peter Lin - Genus Dendrobiums - A Family Portrait of Dendrobium Species
July 2015   Program: Phyliss S. Prestia - Cycnoches
June 2015   Program: Francisco Miranda - Laelias
May 2015   Program: Annual Auction
April 2015   Program: Tim Culbertson - Sarcochilus: Gems of Spring
March 2015   Program: Jim Cootes - Orchids of the Philippines
February 2015   Program: Fred Clarke - Orchids 101
January 2015   Program: George Hatfield - Cymbidium Care
December 2014   Program: Greg Orozco & Jim Gomes - Orchid Winter Rest
November 2014   Annual Awards Dinner
October 2014   Southland Show at The Huntington
September 2014   Program: Peter Lin - Blooming Orchids For Every Month
August 2014   Program: Greg Orozco & Jim Gomes - Judging SGVOH Way/Silent Auction/Raffle
July 2014   Program: Greg Orozco & Toby Luong - Repotting Deminstration
June 2014   Program: Questions and Answers - An Open Forum
May 2014   Program: Annual Auction
April 2014   Program: Gene Crocker - Blooming Cattleyas all year
March 2014   Program: Dann Dunst - Growing Pleurothallids
February 2014   Program: Fred Clarke - Cattleya mossiae
January 2014   Program: George Hatfield - Fertilizing
December 2013   Program: Greg Orozco - Orchid Winter Rest
November 2013   Program: Annual Award Banquet
October 2013   Southland Show at The Huntington
September 2013   Program: Roy Tokunaga - Flower Boosting Orchids: Latest Information in Getting More Flowers
August 2013   Program: Peter Lin - Best Orchids To Grow Outdoors
July 2013   Program: Greg Orozco - Orchid Abbreviations and their Meaning
June 2013   Program: Glen Decker - Open session (Questions and answers)
May 2013   Program: ANNUAL AUCTION
April 2013   Program: Greg Allikas  - Orchid Photography For The Digital Age
March 2013   Program: Brandon Tam  - Orchids in The Huntington Collection
February 2013   Program: Fred Clarke  - Aussie Dendrobium and their Culture
January 2013   Program: George Hatfield  - Cymbidiums
December 2012   Program: Brenda Ward - 40 Species for your Greenhouse
November 2012   Program: Annual Award Banquet
October 2012   Program: Michael Gregory - AOS Judging
September 2012   Program: Winn Winmaw - Orchids from the World Conference Show - Singapore, Cambodia, and Malaysia
August 2012   Program: Jim Henrich - Behind the Scenes Tour of the Arboretum’s Orchid Collection
July 2012   Program: Peter Lin - Mini-Cattleyas
How-To Session: Maranatha Bark & Soil
June 2012   Program: Arnold Gum - Paphiopedilums
How-To Session: Jerry Simpson - Greenhouses
May 2012   Program: Annual Orchid Auction
April 2012   Program: Karen Muir - Maxillaria's
March 2012   Program: Joe Vargas - Mounting Orchids
February 2012   Program: Jim Sloniker - Secrets of the Santa Barbara Show
January 2012   Program: George Hatfield - Cymbidium Species and their Contributions to Modern Day Hybridizing
How-To Session: Joe Vargas - Orchid Plant Resting Period
December 2011   Program: Michael Gregory - Judging Orchids
November 2011   Program: Annual Awards Dinner
October 2011   Program: Nico Goosens - Orchid Growing Structures in Southern California
How-To Session: How to Grow a Healthy Orchid Society
September 2011   Program: Arthur Pinkers - Oncidium Intergeneric Orchids
How-To Session: Membership Panel - Insect Control
August 2011   Program: Martin Motes - Temperature Tolerant Vanda Hybrids
How-To Session: Joe Vargas - Propagating Cymbidium Back Bulbs
July 2011   Program: Winn Winmaw - Orchids of Burma
June 2011   Program: Paul Gripp - Summer Blooming Orchids
How-To Session: Joe Vargas - Mounting Orchids & Other Plants, part II
May 2011   Program: Annual Orchid Auction
April 2011   Program: Norman Fang - The Development of Harlequin Phalaenopsis
March 2011   Program: Marni Turkel - Less is More: Small Orchids
How-To Session: Michael Gregory - The Orchid Clock
February 2011   Program: Director: Rich Walton - Movie: The Judge, the Hunter, the Thief, and the Black Orchid
How-To Session: Joe Vargas - Mounting Orchids
January 2011   Program: George Hatfield - Pendulous Cymbidiums
December 2010   Program: Christopher Croom - A survey of all the species in the genus cymbidium
November 2010   Program: Larry Moskovitz - Laelias
Annual Awards Dinner
October 2010   Program: No Program
Southland Orchid Show at the Huntington
September 2010   Program: Alan Koch; Dendrobiums
How-To: Panel Members discuss members orchid issues
August 2010   Program: Tom Biggart; Australian Dendrobiums and a Few Sarcochilus
Jan Pluim; Greenhouses
July 2010   Program: Doug Overstreet; Two Unusual Genera for the Beginning Orchid Grower,
the Maxillarias and Catasetums

How-To: Doug Overstreet;
Different growing media and how to maximize growing during the summer
June 2010   Program: Norito Hasegawa; The Influence of Paphiopedilum Species on Their Hybrids
How-To: Joe Vargas; Demonstrating on Repotting and Dividing Cymbidiums
May 2010   Program: Annual Orchid Auction
April 2010    Program: Harold Koopowitz; Global Climate Change & Orchid Conservation
 How-To: Kay Hudspeth; How to Properly Read and Write Orchid Labels
March 2010    Program: Peter Lin; Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Orchids
 How-To: Peter Lin; How to Improve Growing Orchids Outdoors
February 2010    Program: Tony Velardi; Cymbidiums "What's New in My Backyard"
January 2010    Program: Open Discussions
December 2009    Program: Bruce Kidd; Pest Management in Orchids
November 2009    Program: AWARDS DINNER: Cindy Coty; Grooming Your Plants for Show
October 2009    Program: No Meeting
September 2009    Program: Butch Wecherle-Thrun; The Culture of Paphiopedilums
August 2009    Program: George Vasquez; Phalaenopsis and Their Culture
July 2009    Program: Bruce Kidd discussing Pest Control
June 2009    Program: Gin Gan Orchids of Southeast Asia 
May 2009    Program: Annual Auction
April 2009    Program: Red Masdevallias Karen Muir
March 2009    Program: Dr. Holger Perner, Chinese Dendrobiums
February 2009    Program:   Cool Growing Oncidinae Orchid Digest Program
January 2009    Program:   Member Panel Growing Orchids in Southern California
December 2008  

 Program:   Harry Phillips, Miniature Orchids

November 2008    Program:    AWARDS DINNER:  Alan Koch Brazilian Cattleyas
October 2008    Program:    No Meeting
September 2008  

 Program:      Dr. Norito Hasegawa: Phalaenopsis Species and their Influence on Hybrids

August 2008    Program:     Helmut Rohrl: The Oncidium Alliance
July 2008    Program:      Harold Koopowitz Breeding of Miniature Paphiopedilums
June 2008    Program:      Marilyn LevyI Never Met an Orchid I Didn't Want.
 How-To Session this month will feature a panel of three experienced, member growers   answering our questions about orchids.
May 2008    Program:     Annual Auction, Auctioneers Dr. Merle Robboy & Peter Lin
April 2008    Program:     Loren Batchman Virus Prevention and Testing
How-To session Dan Dunst Growing Vandas
March 2008    Program:     Dr. Joseph Arditti
How-To session how to correctly read and write orchid labels. 
February 2008    Program:     Fred Clarke
Venezuela's National Flower, the  Cattleya Mossiae
January 2008    Program:     James Comstock Orchids in 3D
How-To         Matt Swift Repotting Orchids
December 2007    Program:     Domingo Cabrera
Challenges of Building and Operating a Greenhouse
November 2007    Program:     Peter Lin - Miniature Orchid Species: Tiny Wonders of the Orchid World
October 2007    Program:     Carol Siegel - Sexual Relationships Between Orchids  
September 2007    Program:    John Gorham Epicats – Uncommon Beauties of the World  
August 2007    Program:    Ray Van Veen PowerPoint on Orchids of the Amazon
 How-To Session: Ann Whitehair on benefits on using Physan 20
July 2007    Program:    Larry Moskovitz, Bizarre Species
June 2007    Program:    Norito Hasegawa,  Paph Species and How They Influence Their Hybrids,
Kathy Hong from Blossom Supplies will be demonstrating various effective ways to pot plants to increase the time between repotting.
May 2007    Program:    Annual Auction, Auctioneer Peter Lin, assistants: Mark Zierten, Greg Orozco
April 2007    Program:    George Hatfield PowerPoint on Pendulous Cymbidiums
March 2007    Program:    Christopher Croom PowerPoint on How to smell an Orchid
February 2007    Program:    Ron Coleman, slide show program on Wild Orchids of California.
January 2007    Program:   Peter Lin, a PowerPoint presentation on Mini Cattleyas.
  How-To by Mark Zierten on How to read your orchids.
December 2006    Program:   Slide show, a Tour of Len Judaken Greenhouses and outdoor growing areas.
  How-To by Jeff Brandt, Introduction to our Library collection.
November 2006    Program:   Shirley Lundine "Gublers Fall Open House" slide show
October 2006    Program:   Tom Biggart "The Culture of Dendrobiums"
 How-To   by Cynthia Schnitzer "Orchids that needs rest"
September 2006    Program:   Bill Ryan "Mostly Orchids" Outstanding Program
 How-To Mark Zierten  mounting on wood and bark
August 2006    Program:   Martin R. Motes, PhD. "Cool Tolerant and Low Light Vandas"
July 2006    Program:    Harry Phillips "Mounted orchids: facts not fantasy'
June 2006    Program:    Helmut Rohrl, Dracula/Masdevallia Species & Hybrids
 How-To program by Bill Ryan "How to Read Plant Labels"
 May  2006    Program:    Annual Auction, Auctioneers Doug Conkin and Mark Zierten
 April  2006    Program:    Bob Gordon  Some Problems with Phalaenopsis Culture and How to Solve Them
 March  2006    Program:    Dennis D'Alessandro "Borneo and Indonesia Orchids and Adventures"
 February  2006    Program:    Charles "Butch" Weckerle-Thrun  Companion plants to Cymbidiums.
 How-To by Len Judaken Potting mixes to minimize watering and repotting.  
 January  2006    Program:   Loren Batchman a PowerPoint presentation What do Judges look for in                 Cymbidium Orchids.                        
 December  2005    Program:   A video presentation of  Anyone Can Grow Orchids Even You
                   Doug Conkin's masterpiece.     
 November  2005    Program:   A video presentation of the Eric Young Orchid Foundation
                   Annual Awards Banquet (catered).     
 October  2005    Program:    Denise Wilson "Orchid Conservation in Costa Rica".
How-To:  Potting and Mounting Orchids, an AOS tape shown with Digital projector.
 September  2005   Leon Glicenstein of Hoosier Orchid Company, Indiana
                     "Cloud Forests of Costa Rica"
 August  2005    Program:   Linda Huetinck 19th WOC in Dijon France and Eric Young          Orchid Foundation      2 Projectors slide show.
 July  2005    Program:   Mark Bentow Orchids of Belize.  How-To by Domingo Cabrera, How our member Frank Wright: cools, heats, water/fertilizes & keeps his Inventory log, PowerPoint presentation.
 June  2005    Program:   Robert J. Ferry PhD. Travelogue into Mexico
                   How-To General orchid care

May 2005

   Program:   Annual Auction, Auctioneers: Doug Conkin and Peter Lin

 April  2005

   Program:   Bruce Kidd, Pest Management in Orchids
                   PowerPoint presentation

 March 2005

   Program:  Fred Clarke "New Hybrids with Catasetum, Cycnoches and Mormodes
                  PowerPoint presentation
February 2005    Program:  Jason Fischer "Native Orchids of Japan."
                 PowerPoint presentation
January 2005    Program:  Doug Conkin, Ribbon Judging for Society meetings
 How-To     Sandy Walters on Wonder Grow an organic foliar spray food.
December 2004    Program:  How-To Panel of Experts by Bill Ryan, Jack Reinhing, Mark Zierten
                  Ken Fujimoto, Shirley Lundine, Peter Lin
November 2004    Program:  Ernest Hetherington, Exploring New Guinea Countryside
 How-To    Annual Awards Banquet
October 2004    Program: Bill Bergstrom, Weird and Wonderful Stanhopeas
 How-To    Plant Sale by Bill Bergstrom
September 2004    Program: Marni Turkel, Looking for Orchids in Peru
 How-To    Len Judaken Exploring alternative potting medium.
August 2004    Program: Ron Parsons, Unusual and rare orchids
 How-To    Nick Braemer, Potting in Horse Manure, well attended.
July 2004    Program: Peter Croezen, Orchid Conservation in Peru. PowerPoint presentation
 How-To  Peter Croezen, How to take better Photos at Orchid Shows.
June 2004    Program: Annual Live Auction
with Ernest Hetherington & Doug Conkin as auctioneers.
May 2004   Program:   Dr. Arthur Allison "Orchid Viruses"
Dr. Arthur Allison demonstrating Virus testing kit.
April 2004   Program:   Helmut Rohrl  Zygopetalums and their Intergenerics
How-To    Helmut Rohrl question & answers period
March 2004   Program:   Glen Decker a Peruvian Adventure Phrag kovachii
February 2004   Program:   Ivan Harrison, Roots and why Orchids need them.
January 2004   Program:   Jack Reihing, how to grow, bloom
and general care of Cymbidiums.
How-To: Jim Rowley, Growing Orchids semi-hydroponics method.
December  2003   Program:   Panel of Experts by Bill Ryan, Ken Fujimoto
Mary Ann Johnson, Bob Laughlin, Bonnie Navens 
November  2003   Program:   Mostly Cattleyas II by Bill Ryan.
Annual Awards Banquet. 
October  2003   Program:  The Stanhopea Tribe
 by Howard Gunn.
September  2003   Program: Cool growing Paphiopedilums
 by Helen Congleton.
August  2003   Program: Orchids of New Guinea
 by  Larry Moskovitz.
July 2003   Program: Diversity and Beauty of Colombian Orchids
 by Andrea Niessen.
June 2003   Program: Sign Language-Listen to your Orchids .
they're talking  by Sue Fordyce.
May 2003   Program: Annual Live Auction
with Ernest Hetherington & Matt Swift's as auctioneers.
April 2003   Program: Cattleya Parents & Their Progeny
by Ernest Hetherington
How-To: Susan Fishman, useful Orchid Websites.
March 2003   Program: The Laelias of Brazil by Steve Champlin
How-To: Doug Conkin, Video Show on general Orchid culture.
  Program: Orchid Adventures Down Under
 by Brian Derby
How-To: Matt Swift, useful chemical for growing Orchids.
  Program: Central and South American Maxillaria
 by Eric A. Christenson
December 2002   Program: How your Orchids talk to you by Mark Zierten
How-To: Bill Ryan, "What's Growing On"
November 2002   Program: Panamanian Orchid Species
by Andres Maduro
October 2002   Program: Golden Anniversary Banquet
September 2002   Program: Mostly Cattleyas by Bill Ryan
Matt Swift, "Swift's Store product demonstration". 
  Program: Planning & Developing your Orchid Collection
also Recognizing Better Orchids by Doug Conkin
July 2002   Program: Tokyo Dome Show in Japan by Andy Easton.
How-To: Mark Zierten, learn about our Display table.
June 2002   Program: Annual Live Auction
Ernest Hetherington & Matt Swift's as auctioneers.
May 2002   Program: Mini & Compact Cattleya Hybridizing,
presented by Roy Tokunaga of Hawaii

How-To: Grand tour of our meeting process.
April 2002   Program: Equitant Oncidiums, Jewel of the Caribbean,
presented by Matt Swift.
March 2002   Program: Problem with Phalaenopsis culture,
presented by Bob Gordon.
How-To: Phalaenopsis culture.
February 2002   Program: The Golden Century of Orchid History,
presented by Ernest Hetherington.
How-To: Bill Ryan, Cattleyas, How to grow them.
January 2002   Program: The Orchids of Peru,
presented by Dr. Eric A. Christenson PhD.
How-To: Multipurpose Orchid Pathogen control.
December 2001   Program: Slide show "Awarded specimen orchids",
presented by Mark Zierten.
November 2001   Program: Outdoor growing,
presented by Alberto Ossa.
October 2001   Program: Ecuador, a Paradise of Orchids,
presented by Prof. Eduardo Sanchez.
September 2001   Program: Lycastes: habitat, culture,
presented by Paul Bechtel.
How-To: Grooming & staking for shows.
August 2001   Program: Ask the Expert Panel,
presented by group of experts.
How-To: De-flasking seedlings.
July 2001   Program: Masdevallias slide show,
presented by Ms. Catherine Lee.
How-To: Potting with coconut chunks.
June 2001   Program: Annual Live Auction
with Ernest Hetherington as auctioneer.
May 2001   Program: Forests, Orchids & Conservation,
presented by Harold Koopowitz.
How-To: Environmental Control products.
April 2001   Program: Water Fertilizing and Misting,
presented by Dan Dickey.
How-To: S. Fishman & C. Lee "Orchid Books".
March 2001   Program: Mexican Laelias,
presented by John Christie.
How-To: Cameron Smith of Fog America.
February 2001   Program: Greenhouse Environmental System,
presented by Fred Howse.
How-To: John Napoli general orchid culture.
  Program: The Tokyo Grand Prix,
presented by Ms. Karen Muir.
How-To: Growing temperatures for orchids.
December 2000   Program: The Eclectic Orchid Grower,
presented by Mrs. Marilyn Levy.
How-To: Making orchid corsages.
November 2000   Program: A presentation of recently awarded
  Program: Ecuador, a Paradise of Orchids,
presented by Prof. Eduardo Sanchez.
September 2000
  Program: What Makes a Good Phalaenopsis,
presented by Mr. George Vasquez.
  Program: Bizarre Orchid Species,
presented by Mr. Bob Moskovitz.
  Program: Brazilian Orchid Species and Their Color
Forms, presented by Mr. Steve Champlin.
How-To: Repotting bare root orchids.
  Program: Presentation by Dr. Gerardus Staal.
  Program: Growing Orchids out of Doors,
presented by Mr. Mark Zierten.
How-To: Potting equitant Oncidiums.
  Program: Annual Live Auction with
Ernest Hetherington as auctioneer.
  Program: Chinese Cymbidiums,
presented by Ms. Theresa Fung.
  Program: Australian Dendrobiums: Species and
Hybrids, presented by Mr. David Banks.
How-To: Fertilizer use with orchids.
  Program: Yes Sir, That's An Orchid! Part II of the
Orchid Digest's slide show on odd / unusual orchids.
How-To: Dividing orchids.
December 1999
  Program: Yes Sir, That's An Orchid! Part I of the
Orchid Digest's slide show on odd / unusual orchids.
How-To: Orchid growing secrets.
November 1999
  Program: Orchid Travelogue to Peru,
by Mr. Walter Teague.
How-To: Finding / eliminating pest infestations.
October 1999
  Program: Annual awards banquet.
September 1999
  Program: Angraecoid Orchids of Africa.
August 1999
  Program: Integrated Pest Management for the
Orchid House, presented by Mr. Doug Conkin.
How-To: Phragmipedium culture.
July 1999
  Program: One Hundred Years of Cattleya
Hybridizing, presented by Ernest Hetherington.
How-To: Mounting orchids.
June 1999
  Program: Cypripediums, by Mr. Carson Whitlow.
How-To: Repotting orchids.
May 1999
  Program: Vendor's night.
April 1999
  Program: AOS Judging and What Makes an Award
Quality Flower, presented by Dr. Norito Hasegawa.
March 1999
  Program: Epicatts, by Mr. Steve McNerney.
How-To: Planting compots from flasked orchids.
February 1999
  Program: Oncidiums and Odontoglossum
 Intergeneric Hybrids, by Mr. Jerry Rehfield.
January 1999
  Program: Growing Orchids Outdoors, by Mark Zierten.
How-To: Staking Cymbidiums and Phalaenopsis.

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